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Learning the Hard Way

By Daniel Galat, M.D., SIGN Surgeon at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya. One night in December, two weeks into the national doctors’ strike in Kenya, and with cases stacking up for surgery, I received a phone call from one of the third year orthopaedic residents. “Dr. Galat, you won’t believe this but your resident, Dr. John […]

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PHOTOS: 2016 SIGN Conference

The 15th annual SIGN Conference recently wrapped up. Nearly 150 surgeons from 27 countries gathered to share what they’ve learned about using the SIGN System, trauma surgery, and other insights. Even before the presentations began, the Signature Center in Richland, Wash., was filled to capacity. The theme of the conference was “Voyage of Discovery,” and Dr. Zirkle […]

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Developing Sustainable Relief

In many developing countries like Cambodia, each member of the family—mother, father, children—must work to support each other financially. When Touch Tola, a tractor driver who moves soil, broke his leg in an on-the-job accident, it critically affected his family’s livelihood! A traffic accident or a farming accident resulting in a broken limb coupled with […]

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It All Starts with an Application—Laos

by Dr. Tom Vasileff In November, 2015, after Dr. Khamtay, Chief of Surgery in Thakhet, Laos submitted a SIGN Application for Khammouane Provincial Hospital, my wife—Christine—and I journeyed to the hospital for a site visit. We were pleased to find a busy, aging hospital—established by the French in 1924—with dedicated healthcare workers. While Khammouane Provincial […]

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Different Paths to Healing

One Week Recovery Over the past few weeks, students throughout the United States returned to their studies after the holiday break. A friend of the SIGN Family in Washington took his family on a trip for the holiday where his son broke his leg skiing. The son received an IM Nail implant commonly available in […]

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Creating Healing Hope in Conflict

During our trip to Afghanistan in November, Jeanne and I stayed in the military hospital where helicopters arrived as early as 5:00 am transporting injured patients. On an average day, 35 patients are flown in from areas of conflict for treatment. The injustice of poverty is only accentuated by the ongoing clashes here, and the […]

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Humanitarian Heroes

The humanitarian attitude of SIGN Surgeons is demonstrated every day as they treat severely injured patients. Special examples include SIGN Surgeon Jerry Brown who led his hospital staff in the treatment of Ebola in Liberia. He was featured as one of the 2014 TIME Magazine’s “Person of the Year” and listed as one of “The […]

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International Interactions Lead to Inspiration

In 1907, Picasso was shown a mask made in Western Africa. He was fascinated by this piece and soon found an African Museum to visit. He remembered this visit many times and recognized the influence these African masks played in his paintings. These masks stood between people and the unknown, which may be hostile forces. […]

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HUEH Thank You

Dr. Zirkle, As you know we have a large number of patients in our communities and hospital who suffer from terrible bone infections (osteomyelitis). This devastating illness causes untold suffering, permanent deformity and stresses hospital resources. Patients are often in the hospital for months. The economic impact hospitals, patients and society from this illness is […]

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The SIGN Philosophy of Disaster Response

As we all contemplate the suffering the people of Nepal are going through, we look for ways to help them. As surgeons, our immediate impulse is to travel to Nepal to assist them. Our compassion and contemplation for treating injured patients due to disasters began 15 years ago when SIGN started. Our goal was to […]

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