Wednesday May. 20

Dr. Zirkle,

As you know we have a large number of patients in our communities and hospital who suffer from terrible bone infections (osteomyelitis).

This devastating illness causes untold suffering, permanent deformity and stresses hospital resources. Patients are often in the hospital for months. The economic impact hospitals, patients and society from this illness is enormous.

Dealing with those patients is not easy and our lack of material make things worse for us. This is why we will not be able to stop thanking you for the huge support you offer us. Since we have started this osteomyelitis clinic last year (March 2014). We thank you for the orthofix and bone cement you have recently sent to us. We also want to thank you for the opportunity you gave us to share our work with other Haitian orthopaedists in HAAOT and for the opportunity you will give us to share with other different orthopaedists at the SIGN conference.

As we often do flap when we are treating with infected bone we think that the flap course will be a very good opportunity for us to upgrade ourselves. One more time, thank you.

We hope the relationship between us will grow stronger and that it fully benefits our patients.

Best Regards,

Frederick Mathelier, MD
Attending in charge of the Osteomyelitis clinic – HUEH


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