One Week Recovery
Over the past few weeks, students throughout the United States returned to their studies after the holiday break. A friend of the SIGN Family in Washington took his family on a trip for the holiday where his son broke his leg skiing. The son received an IM Nail implant commonly available in United States hospitals, and he returned to school within a week.

His family would never consider that a broken leg could derail their plans for a year—much less permanently, but that’s not the case in many countries including Ethiopia where the working poor don’t have access to the same quality of fracture care. That’s where SIGN Programs like the one at Soddo Christian Hospital in Ethiopia work to make a difference!

One Year Recovery

Hana's ready to return to school!

Hana’s ready to return to school!

Dr. Robert Greene manages the SIGN Program at Al Hayat Hospital in Somaliland and also works
with Soddo. He shared Hana and Lehila’s story of healing hope with us this month—a story that took a year, not a week, to reach completion.

Last year, 18-year-old Hana set off with her girlfriend, Lehila, for their freshman year at the Architecture School in Soddo, Ethiopia. They embarked in a van with 14 other passengers, but their hopes and prospects quickly changed when the van’s driver lost control on a curve and the van tumbled into a ditch. Five of the passengers, including Hana and Lehila, were injured, and they were transported directly to Soddo Christian Hospital.

Upon arrival, surgeons determined that both Lehila’s elbow and Hana’s legs were broken. Through the SIGN Program at Soddo, SIGN Implants were used to repair the fracture in each of Hana’s legs, and after their surgeries, both girls were sent home to complete recovery.

For a year, they honed their computer skills while they recovered. They’ll be returning to the Architecture school this year with little evidence other than minor scars of the wreck that temporarily changed their intended path.

Both Paths Lead to Hope
Join us today and help create healing hope around the world! Your donation could make the difference between a student returning to school within a year or struggling for a lifetime with a permanent disability.

During our trip to Afghanistan in November, Jeanne and I stayed in the military hospital where helicopters arrived as early as 5:00 am transporting injured patients. On an average day, 35 patients are flown in from areas of conflict for treatment. The injustice of poverty is only accentuated by the ongoing clashes here, and the wounds are severe.

At first, the scene reminded me of my service in Vietnam. As we witnessed even more helicopters delivering seriously wounded patients—military and civilian, the carnage of war for the so-called winners and losers lingered with me then as it still does today.

IMG_9972 (200x133)

SIGN Instruments and Implants have become critical tools for treating many of these patients. There are SIGN Programs at ten hospitals in Afghanistan today. My empathy extends to the orthopaedic surgeons throughout Afghanistan who endeavor daily to create healing hope for those injured in road traffic accidents and war. Dr. Wardak is working with the ministers of health and ministers of public health to bring SIGN to more hospitals in Afghanistan, and they are focused on the areas where need is greatest.

At SIGN, it is our mission and our vision to assist the Afghani surgeons who care for these patients. We are making plans to provide additional education and implants to treat more patients in this region. The world is filled with conflict, and we must befriend and support the good people—like the Afghani surgeons–throughout the world.

Help us create healing hope in the coming year.  Donate here to heal patients all over the world!

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