Wednesday Sep. 12

Don’t confuse the Alaska Triangle with the Bermuda Triangle! 
Here at SIGN headquarters we received a shipment of Alaska Triangles. These handy orthopaedic devices are used to “bump” a patients leg up which allows for increased stabilization during surgery.

Engineered by Dr. Byron McCord, an orthopaedic surgeon from Alaska, he began to manufacture this tool and bring them to hospitals overseas. When Dr. McCord moved to Malawi to work as the SIGN Program Manager at Mzuzu Central Hospital, the Soldotna Rotary Club in Alaska took over the production process.

The Alaska Triangles sent to SIGN will be given out during SIGN’s annual conference which will take place September19-22. This conference is attended by over 150 surgeons from around the world. Each surgeon will receive a triangle to bring back with them to their hospitals. Thanks to the Soldotna Rotary Club the triangles have already been bundled together. They also laser marked each triangle with the SIGN and Rotary logo.

A nurse in Rwanda prepares the Alaska Triangle for use during surgery.
The laser marked logos of SIGN and Rotary
SIGN’s delivery of Alaska Triangles. Thank you Soldotna Rotary Club!


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