As we all contemplate the suffering the people of Nepal are going through, we look for ways to help them. As surgeons, our immediate impulse is to travel to Nepal to assist them. Our compassion and contemplation for treating injured patients due to disasters began 15 years ago when SIGN started. Our goal was to provide education and donate appropriate implants to implement that education. We chose the most potentially disabling fractures and selected the optimal method of stabilization of them in all countries. We then designed implants which can be used in the local operating rooms of these countries.

The local surgeons treat potentially disabling fractures the same whether the patient was injured in a road traffic accident or an earthquake. SIGN has been providing ongoing education in different aspects of trauma care by designing implants and donating them to increasing numbers of hospitals throughout the developing world.

Presently the surgeons in Nepal are demonstrating their ability to treat fractures that occurred during the earthquake. They have not requested more surgeons but they have requested more SIGN implants, instruments and other surgical supplies which SIGN is now shipping. We are very pleased with their performance in handling the disasters, and that they are taking the lead in determining their needs. They have recognized the need for more operating rooms and SIGN has collaborated with IMEC to provide the complete set up for another operating room. We have provided new SIGN instruments sets and implants so surgeons can do outreach in hospitals near the epicenter of the earthquake.

Our support will be ongoing as requested by the SIGN surgeons from Nepal.


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