SIGN trained surgeons are equipped to treat thousands of patients every month. However, with more than 20 million people injured every year, thousands more need our help. Right now, orthopaedic surgeons in dozens of hospitals are waiting to receive the SIGN IM Nail System and training to serve the growing number of patients injured by road traffic and other accidents. We need your help to secure donations so that these worthy surgeons can bring the good news of healing to their patients.




“I invested in SIGN ‘s mission because the surgeries performed allow the working poor to heal and enables them to return to work to support their families.”

-Barbara French


You can also make a lasting and ongoing difference in the lives of countless patients when you make a donation or set up a recurring donation. You can do so today by filling out our online form.


You can send your donation
via check to:

SIGN Fracture Care International
451 Hills Street, Suite B
Richland, WA 99354


Gifting old stock shares to SIGN just makes good sense. It turns my tax liability into everybody’s gain. It’s win-win-win. SIGN wins because, being a charity, it receives the full value of the stock (or other property) I donate. I win because, instead of a tax bill, I get a tax credit for the full appreciated value of the dusty shares I can’t afford to sell. Trauma victims win! And the winning propagates into the future of the families of trauma victims restored to productive lives by SIGN surgery.

My gift to SIGN, though small compared with the need, becomes the ransom for someone else’s future.

-John Yegge

You can donate from your appreciated stock, IRA, bonds and mutual funds to support fracture care in developing worlds.

Thank you for considering another way to support SIGN Fracture Care’s Mission of treating the injured poor worldwide.

2014 UPDATE: You may be eligible to donate to SIGN via your IRA

Congress recently reauthorized charitable transfers from individual retirement accounts (IRA’s). The IRA Charitable Rollover provision allows individuals who have reached age 70 1/2 to donate up to $100,000 to charitable organizations directly from their Individual Retirement Account (IRA) without treating the distribution as taxable income. Donations to qualified charities such as SIGN can be made directly from the IRA account to the charity. Please contact your tax or investment advisor to learn more about this opportunity.

You can make donations by check or by stock transfer. Checks can be mailed to our headquarters at 451 Hills Street, Richland, WA 99354.

If you prefer to make a stock transfer, please download the stock donation form found below.

You can deduct the appreciated value of the stock on your tax returns and avoid paying capital gains taxes on appreciated stock. The rules governing these donations and applicable tax benefits can be quite complex, so please consult with your accountant or financial advisor before making your decision.

You can transfer donated stock, bonds or mutual funds directly into our investment accounts at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. If you have any questions, please contact

SIGN Information

SIGN is a non-profit organization with 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt status; Our federal tax ID number is 91-1952283.

Please Inform SIGN

It is our policy is to divest the donated stocks, bonds and mutual funds immediately upon receipt of the donation. Please let us know of your plan to transfer the investment to SIGN so that we can take appropriate action soon after receipt of the asset. Include the name of the stock and the number of shares being transferred.



“We were compelled to support SIGN for two reasons. First, it directly addresses musculoskeletal trauma, perhaps the major health problem in the world today. Secondly, it provides high quality training and implants for the patients and doctors who need it most, those in developing countries. We will continue to support SIGN during our careers as orthopaedic surgeons and hope to visit some of the sites in the not too distant future.”

Laura Matsen Ko
Kevin Ko

Change the world from inside your own living room

You can play a significant role in the development of a new SIGN program by throwing a fund-raising party and inviting your family and friends to join the cause.

Donors have held a party with a purpose when they celebrated their birthday, anniversary, wedding or other gift giving holiday. They ask their guests to donate to SIGN instead of giving gifts. One young couple chose to donations made to SIGN rather than receiving wedding presents. They supported the start of a SIGN program in Kenya.

We can help you!

We would be happy to provide you with brochures, newsletters and brochures to give to your guests. For more in-depth information, we could provide a DVD that tells the story and mission of SIGN that you and your guests can watch during the party. To receive SIGN literature or a DVD, contact Lori at 509-371-1107 or


On a trip to Tanzania, I was happy to see how grateful each of the surgeons were upon receiving in-kind donations that had been given to SIGN to donate to them. I saw the surgeon’s pride at the end of each case. They saw SIGN as being much larger than just the equipment we supplied. This allowed them a chance to be better at their jobs and to be part of a larger family of surgeons who would provide ongoing training, encouragement and the chance to provide the same care as their colleagues in developed countries.

– Randy Huebner

Provide support for disaster relief.

SIGN manufactures most of the equipment that we need to send to our programs overseas. However, there are some items that we collect and save for disaster relief and to give to some of our more active programs.

In-Kind donation needs include:

Schantz pins
We need unused Schantz pins to send with the refurbished external fixator kits. Please contact Randy at the above email for more information.

We also need:
· Large fragment sets
· Small fragment sets
· Drills
· Bone clamps

Please email if you are interested in donating items other than external fixators.
We are not authorized to export donations of medications. We cannot export any expired medications, medical supplies or implants.

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