Medal for Distinguished Public Service


On Feb 26, 2018, Dr. Lewis G. Zirkle, the President and Founder of SIGN, received the US Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service, presented by Secretary of Defense James Mattis. This is the highest civilian honor given by the Department of Defense.


“I accept this award on behalf of the SIGN Family, because all of you have helped. All of the surgeons overseas have contributed, and I’m very honored to have the chance to work with you.”

          —Dr. Zirkle

“In my current job few events have been so heartening as visiting SIGN and recognizing your leadership and your team in Richland. I’m grateful that I was able to be part of recognizing your vision becoming a reality in so many peoples’ lives.”
          —US Secretary of Defense James Mattis

 See the Medal Presentation

Watch the full ceremony here:

Congratulations to Dr. Zirkle and every member of the SIGN Family, because your dedication and skill makes this honor possible.


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